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"Steven Universe - Joking Victim" (2014)


"Steven Universe - Joking Victim" (2014)


walk walk fashion baby 


walk walk fashion baby 


From composers Aivi and Surasshu:

"Strong in the Real Way"

Music & Lyrics: Rebecca Sugar

Instrumental Arrangement & Piano: Aivi & Surasshu

Vocals: Deedee Magno Hall, Zach Callison

Guitar: Grant “Stemage” Henry

Drums: Roger “Rekcahdam” Hicks

Artwork: Paul Villeco

We loved arranging “Strong in the Real Way” - thank you Rebecca for being our “rock”! There are several people who helped bring this song to life. What you’re hearing is the result of Rebecca’s amazing songwriting, Grant’s blazing guitar playing, Roger’s fierce drum fills, and Deedee and Zach’s inspiring vocals! (I played the piano and synths.) Thank you everyone for your incredible performances!!!

(Source: waltzforluma / aivi & surasshu)


I think its important to remember that Pearl wasn’t actually disparaging physical strength or saying it wasn’t worthwhile, but rather that there are other kinds of strengths that are just as important. She even says “there are different ways of being strong” rather than “that’s not real strength” when referring to Sugilite’s physical strength.

After Steven says he wants to get strong like Sugilite so he can be useful to the team, implying that the only way to be useful is to be physical strong. Pearl, who does not see herself as physically strong (compared to Sugilite, and possibly Garnet and Amethyst in general), becomes uncomfortable at that point, looking away and adopting a ‘nervous’ posture (I don’t know how to describe this properly, but bringing your hands/arms up to your chest is usually a sign of nervousness or insecurity - and its something Pearl does a lot when she’s worried). So it clearly affected her in a personal way.


Steven was the one who first used the phrase “in the real way”, inadvertently insulting her by saying her strengths are not real strengths. At that point she gets offended and defensive and, naturally, sings about it.

The reuse of the phrase, in the song and at the end of the episode, is intentional to drive home the point and for thematic relevance at the climax of the episode. Its saying that other types of strengths are as valid as physical strength, Steven reusing the phrase at the end is showing that he now realizes there are different ways of being strong and to instill confidence in her by letting her know he understands that now.

This episode was not about one strength being better than another or characters besting one another, but in finding confidence in what you can do, what your strength is and accepting that there are different strengths that are all valid.


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A selection of Character, Prop and Effect designs from the Steven Universe episode Coach Steven

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Lead Character Designer: Danny Hynes

Character Designer: Colin Howard

Prop Designer: Angie Wang

Color: Amanda Rynda, Tiffany Ford


a while ago i said i would like to see a steven universe video set to this cover of fallen angel by miku-tan

so here’s part 1



i love them…

king-dedede-the-pimp-king sent: ((Do you think that there might be one ep where Steven and Pearl can fuse together? I thought that they would to fight Sugilite.))

Considering Steven has yet to master summoning his weapon, I think a gem fusion is a little out of his range right now. BUT we know that Steven can and will likely be able to fuse based off of Garnet’s compliment to him in Giant Woman! So don’t count him out just yet.

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